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peterborough seo companyAre you looking for seo services to help boost your rankings in the search results? We continuously strive to provide you with the best SEO services, ensuring you get ahead and stay ahead of your competition. SEO is a gamblers world, but if you play the odds right, you can win 9/10 times. However, winning at this game can’t be achieved on your own. You can go ahead and try, but you will be sure to fail, or at the least underachieve. There are so many factors that go into determining Google’s rankings. There is a niche community online that studies and determines the factors that allow us to rank and beat the system. One benefit of today’s ranking algorithms is that it benefits honest companies who put formidable, quality content on the web. We have been doing SEO for over 10 years, and we have seen all the changes. This helps us determine a strong short term and long term plan that will help boost your business, ultimately increasing sales and profit.

First off, our team will analyze your website, industry and its competitors. We then find keywords and phrases that are generating the most traffic related to your business. We focus on “buying” keywords, so that you can establish contact with customers when they are ready to pull the trigger. There is no point in educating a customer on what they are looking for then letting them slide over to the competition, simply because they have a better checkout or presence. There are two parts to SEO, onsite and offsite.


Onsite is the internal structure, keyword density, meta tags, descriptions, headers and so much more. This is a long list, which goes on and on. We know which of these factors have the biggest impact in determining your rankings and optimize it accordingly. Silo structures, blog content marketing strategies, long tail keyword targeting, guest posting, pictograms, videos and infographics are some of the ways we can help get your site out there. PBN’s are another good tool; however, they are less effective in today’s web environment then they used to be. Regardless, they are still a highly effective way of generating strong authoritative backlinks to your site. Google crawls the web for links, and as it finds them it tracks where that link is pointing to. If the link is pointing to your site, it gives your site “link juice”. If the link is coming from a high authority site, like a government site, the link juice passed on will be even higher. Gathering high authority links like this is very effective, and there is quite a bit of low hanging fruit we can pluck for you.

Google Local Listings

mapIf your business is mainly local, then you must have a good presence on Google’s location services and search. Google places for businesses are more important then ever, allowing you to generate local traffic over your competitors. No longer does a company from Washington offering floor cleaning beat your local business websites rankings, as long as you are optimized correctly. Make sure you are, and that you are for the right keywords. Wherever you live, and wherever your business is, you need to be optimized properly on Google’s local listings to ensure your business gets the most traffic amongst your competitors.

White hat vs. black hat methods? Black hat methods are those that are considered risky by us SEO experts. They often result in a Google penalty that can cause irreversible damage. White hat methods are what we SEO experts pride ourselves on. They take more work, cost more money, but they ensure the long-term success of your SEO campaign. Even straying slightly into the black hat world can cause damage that could take years to recover from, significantly reducing sales. As the standard for white hat methods continues to raise its bar, we stand atop and stay ahead for you, protecting you from “cheap” “quick” ways to get your rankings up, that more often then not leave you on a blacklist. You want to be in the good graces of the search engines as they can be ruthless at times. We’ve seen it over and over again, sometimes bankrupting businesses because of a silly decision made in the past to try and shortcut the proper process.


Why choose a domestic SEO company?

seoAt first glance, offshoring this process seems attractive. That’s what we thought many times over the years too. “Lets outsource our seo link building, save a ton of money, and pass the savings along”. Well… time and time again that didn’t work. The amount of times we did not get what we asked for, yet paid significant dollars were exorbitant.   We were outraged time and time again at the times we got left in the dark with work left to do. Simply stated, reliability and quality overseas is not where it should be. If you purchase local, we have a reputation to protect. We have our name behind it and the success, honesty, and upfrontness we establish determines our future success. We manage expectations, charge respectful prices, and get the job done right, the first time. You will be running around with your head cut off, wondering if they did the work, waiting and still paying. With us you can be rest assured we are always following the best practices, our communication is solid, and our reputation precedes itself.

We have a heavy emphasis on quality content

paperWhy is that, you ask? Well in today’s world of SEO, quality content is the foundation of web marketing. Often times, quality content, can do wonders on its own, without even building a house around it. However, if you don’t have the proper foundation, all the work you do will crumble around you. Trust us, we always have the learn the hard way with our side projects. We are always testing different strategies so that we can stay ahead of the curve, aligning your goals with those of Google’s and your end customer. In today’s world, we, along with others, know for a fact, there is no quick way of getting good rankings in Google. Google becomes smarter with each algorithm upgrade, constantly improving their methods of determining good quality content, and what the consumer wants.


We can either write excellent articles for you, using our expert writers, or we can edit your content to ensure its onpage SEO is done properly. We can also provide you with guidelines, and then upload the content ensuring the onpage is done properly.


Load Time

Load time of your site plays a significant role in today’s seo game. Google has aligned its algorithm with the wants of consumers. A quick loading site allows users to get in and out quickly, grabbing what they came for. Think about it, if you have to wait 5 seconds for a page to load, will you stay? People are impatient with technology and want things to work right away. Therefore, it is important that you are taking advantages of all the services out there that can increase your website loading speed. Ask us about CDN’s (content delivery networks). These are an amazing way to increase loading speed anywhere across the globe and are the most effective way at increasing your speed.


404 errors, bad links, link remediation

Often times, clients come to us with previous seo work done on their site. This more often then not means there were some bad practices done. Before you move forward with building anything new, you want to rid yourself of the bad. We offer an analysis of what needs to be done, so that you can achieve the best rankings possible. Often times there is only a few hours of work that needs to be done, but it can make a significant difference. We offer an analysis package to determine what needs to be done. We do not have fixed packages as each company requires a different and varying amount of fixes.


What our Clients are saying?

NitroLine puts us in front of the customers that truly matter. “my business has now tripled thanks to NitroLine” David Osborne of Chok Suwit Tours. We enjoy helping good companies beat their competition. We enjoy seeing them succeed and most importantly, we like seeing them increase their profits. Each digital marketing strategy we employ keeps in mind an ROI to you. You are running a business and you want a strong ROI. We believe Internet marketing is the best avenue to a high ROI. Employing our strategies, we take digital marketing to another level. Blasting you ahead of your competition, we are your number one choice for SEO and all other related services. So review our pricing packages, then get a hold of us with any questions you may have. We would love to setup a Skype meeting or perhaps exchange emails back and forth.

Wishing you the best in your business endeavors, whichever way you decide to go,