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New to the Scene, But Were Making a Splash

NitroLine has the expertise

Peterborough Web Design is Professional quality website design which contributes to the integral legitimacy and effectiveness of your online presence. Our website designers are hand picked across the globe, boasting not only technical expertise but a sound business mind. We stand out amongst other Peterborough Web Designers, on more then one front. Were not only bringing you a website, but a top to bottom plan on how to monetize your website to its highest potential. You’re not looking to simply design something visually appealing, but something that converts your potential customers into valuable customers. Offering solutions that vary in complexity from landing pages to fully integrated e-commerce solutions.

peterborough web designOur business is local, our scope is global

Whether you’re entering the online space for the first time or have been there for a while, we want to make sure you are reaching every potential customer. Focusing on quality, not quantity, we get you in front of your most valuable customers, wherever they may be. Working 1 on 1 with our clients we provide a top to bottom web design that you have a hand in making. We are the experts, but in order to get the right message, we need your help. We translate your company’s vision, goals and message to the consumer into an online experience. One you can be proud of; one that puts you at the top of your customer’s minds.

Peterborough Based

NitroLine was initially established with no home base. Working remotely as many web design firms do in today’s world. However, we grew to a point where we needed some stability in terms of workspace. We decided to establish ourselves in the heart of Peterborough, where Nathan Nielson, the owner grew up. Most of NitroLine’s business has been for International companies based outside of Peterborough; however, this doesn’t detract from their ability to perform locally. We bring international design attributes to your local business, honing in on what is most important, while dazzling the audience simultaneously.

Nitroline started primarily as an SEO firm, developing and executing marketing strategies for companies large, small and personal. Our successes were so great, it was inevitable we entered into the other facets of the web marketing sphere. Peterborough Website Design was born and we haven’t looked back.

Working out of a small community allows us to pull resources that larger firms cannot. We have developed connections with local businesses that will help your site garner an increased presence in Google. We are Peterborough based, but many of our clients are National and International in scope. Providing website design out of Peterborough allows us to be removed from all the noise and hype of the bigger cities, focusing in on what is most important -> creating a profitable web solution.

Whether you are looking for a unique enterprise solution with customization across the board, or a simple web design, we are your solution. Learn about the difference we can make today and let us show you how you too can stand atop your field.

Customized Strategy Creation – Web Design

monkey-1346590_1920No two companies have identical needs for their web presence. This is why it is so important for us to stay flexible before, during and after the job. We recognize this and execute each job as an individual silo. Creating a solution that fits your sandbox. Whether that entails the ability to update on a daily basis, providing customers to purchase online, accept credit cards, make purchase orders and so much more. We ensure that your new design complements your business operations in a way that boosts its credibility and perceived value.   Some websites are heavy and rich in content, while others necessitate a more visual experience. Peterborough Web Design will work with you to find out which is more important then design accordingly.

Peterborough Website Design –In todays World

Website design has changed from the old days of creating a fully customized solution for each individual client. In order to maximize efficiencies, reducing costs to you, and ultimately increasing your ROI, web design companies now choose templates to build from. These are pre-built, functional, properly coded sites that need some customization and ultimately the content to be added with aesthetic appeal. Each theme is designed and developed differently and without a doubt, we still need to know how to code. Regardless, the world of web design is so advanced; we can now create smashing designs for a fraction of the price. Your site will have functionalities that you would not have had access to before.

We put you ahead of your competition

One of the most important facets in website design is standing apart and above your competition. You want to have a presence that says “we are better then the rest” to your customer. This is important as your website is more often then not the first interaction a customer will have with your business. Setting off that relationship with the right expectations helps you manage your customers, establishing you as the expert.

What sets us apart from our competition?

We work with leading edge templates, finalizing the choice with your help. The amount of customization you request will determine your end cost. One advantage of working with templates is you get to see a working mockup of what you will eventually get. This allows you, with our help, to hammer home the image you wish to present to your customer, ultimately increasing sales.

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Supporting Both Long and Short Term Goals

Peterborough Web Design will break down your campaign into both short and long term goals. Establishing a smashing presence is a phenomenal start, but if nobody finds it, what is the point. As you become more comfortable and established with your web presence, we typically suggest some outside marketing. This includes, pay per click ads, sponsored ads, social media ads, SEO and local business ads. One of our very first clients was a tour boat operator in Thailand. A 50 year old who left his Australian life, bought a boat and moved to Thailand. Within a year, and with our help, he went from having 1 boat and zero web presence, to 3 boats and a smashing online presence. He may not be our biggest client, but the satisfaction we got from this campaign will always stick with us. It was a very personal experience.

Why Design With Us?

black-and-white-1278713_1920We can confidently say our skills supercede the majority of those in our field. Many website designers will simply design you a website. But let me give you an analogy. You could build the most beautiful storefront, vaulted ceilings, 5000 sq. ft, long entranceway, butlers when you approach. BUT if it is in the middle of nowhere, who is going to drive by? Who is going to visit? You need to have a balance between design and location. We have packages that can put you on the corner of “McDonalds”, and packages that put you in the strip mall. Let us explain the difference to you and let you choose where you want to be.

History of Nitroline and Peterborough Web Design

We have been doing website design in Peterborough since inception. However, most of our local projects have been much smaller. Recently we worked with Kadex Aero Supply, a long-standing Aeroplane supply company based out of the Peterborough Airport. This was very successful and very rewarding. It allowed us to be part of the larger business community in the Peterborough area, rescuing their site completion from another designer.

You will get no better value anywhere else. Priding ourselves on quality, you get what you pay for. Many design companies use older technology, resulting in longer hours and ultimately higher costs to you. We pick and choose the most efficient processes, guiding you along the way to developing a most profitable web presence.

We are a small company, with four employees. Nathan Nielson is the lead web designer and business operator. You will most likely work with him directly on your project if it is large enough in scale. Sarah Nielson is a graphic designer, designing award winning magazine covers and print advertisements. Jared Filmore is a front end CSS developer, vivid in his artistic displays, and genius in his manipulation of the code. Farkhat Imitaz is our head coder; the guy who can make anything happen. He’s the guy that turns our websites up that extra notch. We are so proud of our team and have continued to grow since inception. This gives us confidence that we are doing excellent work, completing high profile jobs, and never swaying from the integrity of what makes us successful and ultimately your business.